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Death in the Christian Concept is a beginning, not an end. Jesus tells us that anyone who hears his word and believes him has eternal life. (John 5:24)


Catholics believe that death is the entrance into God's eternal rest, thus, there is great value in prayer for the deceased.  Private and liturgical prayer, meditation, reflection and the liturgical rites connected with the funeral unite us to the Lord’s paschal mystery and our hope of eternal union with almighty God.

The events which surround death call for a community response. Although the immediate family bears a heavy burden of sorrow, relatives, friends and parishioners provide prayerful support.


What the Law of the Church Says about Funerals

“The funeral of any deceased member of the faithful should normally be celebrated in the church of that person’s proper parish” (canon 1177, § 1).

“However, any member of the faithful, or those in charge of the deceased person’s funeral, may choose another church; this requires the consent of whoever is in charge of that church and a notification to the proper parish priest of the deceased” (canon 1177, § 2).

“When death has occurred outside the person’s proper parish, and the body is not returned there, and another church has not been chosen, the funeral rites are to be celebrated in the church of the parish where the death occurred, unless another church has been designated by particular law” (canon 1177, § 3).

What is the Importance of Funeral Pre-Arrangements?

When a person makes his or her own funeral prearrangements, that person takes the liberty of deciding how to celebrate his or her last departure. Pre-arrangements also offer those who remain greater peace of mind to experience a more peaceful grief, knowing they are following and honouring their loved one's last wishes.

Where Can You Go for Funeral Pre-Arrangements?
Our Lady of the Annunciation suggests for our parishioners, or any one else that might be interested, to contact Les Jardins du Souvenir for more information on Funeral Pre-Arrangement Services. Les Jardins du Souvenir Funeral Home ensures that it always offers the best quality/price ratio for its funeral services to bereaved families in the Outaouais region. You can contact them by:

Phone: 819-778-1515

Are There Any Costs to Have a Funeral at OLA?  
Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish has a small fee to hold a funeral ceremony at our parish, which is mainly utilized to cover the overhead costs of building, and for cleaning the church and hall after the ceremony.

Image by Eli Solitas

. "Life is just a stepping-stone  
A pause before we make it home  
A simple place to rest and be,  
Until we reach eternity.  
Everyone has a life journey,  
A path to take with lots to see  
God guides our steps along the way,  
But we were never meant to stay.  

 Our final destination is a place  
Filled with love, His majesty and grace.  
And when we celebrate the life of a loved one  
Who has gone before us we proclaim  
That his spirit has ascended  
Claiming the great reward  
With Jesus, our Lord."  

~ Author Unknown   

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